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We’re the fastest growing league and team management platform in North America.  We’re now powering over 500 organizations and hundreds of thousands of app users, and beginning to disrupt the league management industry.

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  • Profile listed with logo, description and website within our software
  • You’ll be actively promote to our Leagues & Teams
  • Option to offer a promotion/discount (we encourage it!)
  • API Integration options
  • No cost to join!

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TeamLinkt provides a modern, easy to use, free league management platform (registration, scheduling, communication, website and app).  TeamLinkt monetizes the platform through a nominal transaction fee on registration.   

If you’d like to include TeamLinkt as a value add option to your customers, we offer a revenue share on registration fees.

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Great for any sport – TeamLinkt provides a free Sports Team Management App and League Platform to thousands of teams, leagues, associations, schools and clubs.  Our technology is modern, easy to use and fully supported!

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