TeamLinkt and LeagueLineup are tools trusted by league managers and sports teams across the world. While TeamLinkt focuses more on Team Management and League Lineup focuses on League Management, both are great products that overlap in features. However, TeamLinkt has the edge – and here is why:

The Pro Version of the TeamLinkt Sports Team Management App & TeamLinkt’s League Software is completely free for  thanks to their existing network of community partners. The My LeagueLineup app is also offered for free to their users – with some advertising in the app to generate revenue for the company. LeagueLineup also charges for registration, taking 3.99% + $0.30 per transaction.

TeamLinkt vs My LeagueLineup – Smartphone App Comparison Chart

TeamLinkt is the leading free Sports Team Management App in North America. There is a paid version of the app, however this cost is generally covered by sporting goods stores in the team’s area wanting to give back to teams in their community. LeagueLineup is also a free app and has small, non-invasive advertising in the app.

TeamLinkt vs LeagueLineup – League Manager Software Comparison Chart

TeamLinkt has recently built out  league management tools in addition to their team management app. For some leagues with existing websites – they are also free to embed standings/scores into their existing website and still offer the team management app for free to their teams. This league software is a great free alternative to utilize for groups that have a small budget. The league software also ties into the team management app making it easy for teams to use and centralizing all their information in one simple free app. This also includes score-reporting for sports like volleyball, slo pitch, softball or any other sport where score reporting is a problem.


LeagueLineup is a great free service for leagues to use – however, with league tools plus a team management app, TeamLinkt is the complete package for any league looking to organize and communicate with their players, coaches and managers.