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Sports Engine, Inc. an NBC Sports Group Company provides Sports Relationship Management software assisting in relationship management among all team members, the sharing of data, streamlining of reporting, and managing initiatives.  Sports Engine is an appealing paid internal communication tool with smartphone and desktop platforms. 

As Sports Engine can prove to be quite costly in order to experience all the features it has to offer, TeamLinkt offers similar features, but under a completely free model. Wondering how it is free? Read this blog post to understand more.   

TeamLinkt, a free league management solution that enables leagues to set up registration, generate schedules, manage league websites, communication, event health waivers, and more. In addition, each team within the league, club, or association receives free, full access to the TeamLinkt smartphone app. Choosing TeamLinkt can save you thousands of dollars this season. 

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For Leagues, Associations, Clubs & Schools

Sports Engine

FREE to $749/yr

  • Online Registration
  • Team and Roster Management
  • Team Management App (Basic Version)
  • Website Generator
  • Communication Tools
  • Self Score Submission
  • Standings
  • Stats
For Leagues, Associations, Clubs & Schools



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