TeamLinkt Chat Section: Explained!

TeamLinkt Chat Section: Explained!

A valuable feature of our team management app is the use of communication tools. Communicate with teammates, coaches and parents in-app with solo conversation, group chat, chat reactions and much more. Want to become an expert at how to utilize our chat feature? Keep reading! 

Group Chat

This is the ideal tool to have a real-time conversation with your whole team. A group with all team members is automatically created for you in the app, but you can also create additional side groups for your coaches, volunteer committee, players only, etc. Create a group chat in the TeamLinkt app and keep your team connected!

To create an additional chat group:

  1. Open the app & visit the ‘Connect’ tab & open ‘Chat’
  2. Click the ‘+’ icon
  3. Select the users you want to chat with & Click ‘Next’
  4. Name your chat & click ‘Create’

Adding Chat Reactions

Everyone loves emojis! You can now add a reaction to chat messages in-app. From hearts, smiley faces and thumbs up, save time typing out a message to respond to team updates. 

  1. Open the chat section of the team management app
  2. Click & Hold the message you want to react to OR If it is the latest message in the chat, click the icon below to open your reaction menu
  3. Click the emoji you want to react with
team chat with reactions
Delete Chat Message

Deleting a Message

Sent a message in the chat, but plans have now changed? Sent a message in the wrong TeamLinkt chat? No need to worry you can delete your message. 

To delete a chat message:

  1. Open the Chat section in the app
  2. Press and hold the chat message you are looking to delete
  3. Click Delete Message then Yes
  4. The text will now read This message has been deleted.

Why Use TeamLinkt’s Team Chat?

Having all your team information centralized increases organization and accessibility. Use our free app today to make your season the best yet. 

Want to learn more about the in-app chat feature? Visit our help articles!


Use TeamLinkt’s Collect and Track Feature to Streamline Payments

Use TeamLinkt’s Collect and Track Feature to Streamline Payments

Why is TeamLinkt’s in-app payments system better than making team payments through alternative methods like etransfer, venmo, etc? 

TeamLinkt allows you to collect and track money sent to people on your team. Simply create a checklist, set a dollar amount, and send to teammates that owe you money. From there, you can collect and track payments all in one convenient place. 

Simplify Payment Collection This season

Why not just use e-transfer? With this feature, teammates have the option to pay with a credit card, and it allows the team admin to keep track of who has already paid in one place. All payments are processed and come in at once to simplify the process. Teammates can also pay you with cash, cheque, etc and you can manually record the payment in the app later on. 


How to Create a Checklist

You can create a checklist attached to your team or league in order to receive payment from your team members via credit card as well as track payment information. This is the easiest and most streamlined way to collect team fees. Below is a step by step of how to get started:

  1. Open the TeamLinkt App & Find the Connect Tab
  2. Click on ‘Collect & Track’
  3. Click on the ‘+’ to Create a Checklist
  4. Enter in the name of the checklist, who it is assigned to, the type of checklist, amount owed (if collecting fees), due date, and any additional instructions needed. 
  5. Click ‘Add’.


Need to pay an invoice? 

TeamLinkt has got you covered! When an invoice is created, it will be sent to your team through an email and a push notification. From there you can pay an invoice from your computer or in-app. To learn more about paying an invoice visit this help article

To pay an invoice on the computer:

  1. Log in to through a computer at
  2. Click ‘Collect & Track’
  3. Fill in your information and click ‘Pay Now’

Making Life Easy for Your Team 

You may be wondering what is the advantage of using collect & track over other payment methods? We are here to answer that question. As a team administrator or manager, you are able to check off who has paid directly in the app. This aids in organization and makes sure you are dealing with everything in one place as opposed to managing a bunch of different platforms such as etransfer, excel sheets, etc. Team members are able to use their credit cards through our software to pay for team fees which allows them to gain credit card points which is generally enticing. Want to learn more? Visit our website.


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