Promoting Skill Development from Home

The new challenges feature in TeamLinkt’s team management app promotes skill development for teams while at home. 

With new social distancing rules as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, coaches are looking to find ways to keep their teams active while stuck at home. Shooting pucks in the basement, doing home workouts, shooting baskets in the driveway and other solo activities have become the only ways for athletes to stay active and participating in the sports they love at this time. Until teams can reunite at their local rinks, parks and fields, this will be the only way for kids to keep their skills sharp and continue improving in the sports they love. 


To help promote athlete development TeamLinkt has developed a new feature called challenges. In the team management app, coaches can now assign different challenges to their players. The challenges can range from making 10 free throws per day, all the way to taking 500 slap shots in a week. TeamLinkt has developed a library of challenges that can easily be assigned. There is also the ability to create a custom challenge for your team to complete. 


Once a challenge is complete, either the coach or the player confirms that they have completed it, and they earn a badge in the app. We’ll keep track of how many badges each player has received, and players can compete to get the most challenges complete. 


Getting Started is Simple!

  1. Create your team & add your team members (don’t worry, the app is 100% free to use!)


  1. From the connect section of the app, select from our library of skill, fitness and even chore challenges… or create your own custom daily and weekly challenges.


  1. Team members receive a notification each time a challenge is assigned, and they’ll earn a badge for each one they complete!


Here is also a video to help get you started:

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How TeamLinkt Can Help Slo-Pitch Leagues This Summer

How TeamLinkt Can Help Slo-Pitch Leagues This Summer

If you are in charge of running a slo-pitch league, you are aware of the planning, organizing and time it takes to manage the league.

While the rest of the league enjoys an ice cold beverage and comradery with their team, the slo-pitch league admin is stuck with making sure league fees are paid, scheduling games, entering scores, managing the website, sending emails to all the teams, and doing all the other work behind the scenes to make the season a success.

Luckily, TeamLinkt has developed a slo pitch league management software that is 100% free to use, that can make all of the tasks mentioned above a lot easier.


Here’s how it works:

First, the league admin will go to the TeamLinkt website, create an account, and log in for the first time. Upon the initial account creation, a website is already up & running, and the tools are all ready to use.

Next, the league admin will set up a registration form. This is an easy task and can take as little as 5 minutes to complete. This is how teams will register for the league, and how payments will be collected. These payments can be made online through a credit card by the team captain, or else collected offline and logged in the system at a later time. If you need each participants information, you can also create an additional form and have all players register through the website, or the team captain can add in their players at a later time.

Once the registration form is made, the league admin will want to customize their website. This includes adding in a logo, creating/editing pages, adding photos, news articles, the executive, sponsors, and linking up any social media accounts.

From there, the league admin will share a link to their shiny new website, along with the link for teams to register for their league. As teams register, their team will be created in your account and you will be able to track whether they have paid or not.

Once the registration is complete, the next task will be to enter in the league schedule. If you are a whiz in Microsoft Excel, schedules can be imported – however, TeamLinkt also has a tool that allows the league admin to enter in a couple settings and it auto-generates a schedule right on the spot. Seems to good to be true?

Watch a Schedule Builder Demo

So your teams are registered and the schedule is built, the next step is to Activate Your Teams. This will send an email invite out to each team captain (along with rosters if you had your players all register through the website) inviting them to download the team management app and use it for the season. The roster and official league schedule will already be in there, so all that is left is for them to use the app to manage their team. With features like team chat, setting availability, polling, reminders, and more – no matter the age or skill level of the team it is a great tool to use for the slo pitch season.

Team admins are now able to submit scores to the league through the app (which automatically update the scores and standings on the website – which can be altered by the league admin if needed), and league admins can send out league-wide emails from their TeamLinkt account.

Overall, switching a Slo-Pitch league to TeamLinkt free sports management software will save league admins hours of work, and make for a more enjoyable summer.

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