How TeamLinkt is Helping Teams Return to Sport Under COVID-19 Restrictions

How TeamLinkt is Helping Teams Return to Sport Under COVID-19 Restrictions

Sports leagues and associations are taking extra measures in the areas of training and competition in order to safely return to sport in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The journey back to sport in a world of uncertainty has proved to be a challenge, but the ultimate goal is to return to play as soon as possible (and as safe as possible)!

New Game Plan

A return to sport under COVID-19 restrictions comes with a whole new game plan. Provinces are trying to provide support to their local leagues to troubleshoot issues, reimagine sports safety, and minimize the spread of COVID-19. One thing is for certain: we are ready to return to sport. Kids are eager to get physically active and be amongst friends. Parents are excited to watch their children’s personal development and for them to burn off some energy. 

Sports leagues and associations have developed programs to keep kids engaged without being in person and have implemented innovative ways to keep the spirit of sports alive. Something we know that is important during this time is communication and our team management app allows league administers, coaches, players, and parents to communicate quickly and efficiently. In a time where social distancing protocols are our new normal staying connected via technology is more important than ever. 

We are Here to Help

In response to the new concerns and problems that have come to light as a result of COVID-19, TeamLinkt’s team management app has implemented some new features to help your team, league, or association return to play: 

Event Waivers:

Ensure the health and safety of all team members to help everyone return with confidence. 

For Teams: Event Waivers ensure your team has a safe return to sport by allowing team members to declare their health prior to events.

For Leagues: Add a standardized and automatic event health waiver to each event in your league or association’s calendar.

Live Streaming:

With restricted attendance numbers and social distancing protocols in place as a result of COVID-19 we have created a way for parents, grandparents, and friends to spectate safely. To learn more check out our recent blog!

Team Challenges:

Complete 50 burpees, run for 10 minutes,or do something kind. Keep kids engaged with personal development and their teammates without being able to partake in actual practice or games. Pick one of our automated challenges or create your own. 

We are excited to be back at the game! We have made small differences such as having a limited number of players in the dugout and social distancing from the umpire, but all the players so far have been very willing to follow these rules if it means returning to the sport they love

Tim B.

Baseball Umpire, Minot, ND

Despite the looming uncertainty of the pandemic, there have been some positives as a result of this transition back to sport. Teams both local and global have implemented many protocols that will carry far beyond this pandemic in the areas of personal development and sanitation. 


Return Safely 

This pandemic, though tragic, united the world in the mission for safety and resolution. Many organizations wish to support the return to sports movement and are sharing their experiences for the benefit of others.

To take advantage of all TeamLinkt has to offer, simply register your league or club through our website. You’ll be able to set up online registration, implement health wavers, live stream team events, and manage schedules in-app. 

Live Video Streaming: How your team can stay connected with COVID-19 restrictions

Live Video Streaming: How your team can stay connected with COVID-19 restrictions

We are not the only ones missing sports! According to a recent Forbes article “Thanks To Coronavirus, Expect Ratings For Live Sports Broadcasts To Set Records” the anticipated return of live sports among viewers is exponential as a result of sports scarcity and the halt in true sports fans varied traditions. At TeamLinkt we have not forgotten about all the local sports and events that people are missing out on due to COVID-19 restrictions.

As a result of these demands for engagement, watching sports games can now be done from the comfort of your home without concern for distance, time zone, or a ticket purchase. Features like in-app live streaming have enabled fans, parents, and friends to become steadily interactive participants in mediatized sport through the use of digital platforms and sports apps such as our free team management app; TeamLinkt. 

Viewers can engage in real-time conservation about the game, sending the team cheers and well wishes as they spectate from a distance. Live streaming capabilities and innovation in distance interactions with sports have revolutionized the game day culture and much of what has been created will be integrated into the future of sports viewing both on a local and global scale.

Live Stream Your Team’s Sporting Events

With restricted attendance numbers and social distancing protocols in place as a result of COVID-19, catching up with your favourite local teams is not as easy as it once was. These unprecedented times have challenged people in a variety of industries to rethink and reimagine the live atmosphere at stadiums and sporting events.

Creating innovative ways to integrate fans and family members into live events, as well as create touchpoints for teams, presented itself as an exciting challenge with the new restrictions that are a result of COVID-19. With athletes (and their supporters) in mind, we have made it our  mission to bring you closer to the games you love by integrating live streaming features into the app. This newly re-introduced feature allows users to share in the thrill of the game as they are told to spectate from a distance. Features like live streaming in the TeamLinkt app can help you feel up-close and personal to games that do not receive airtime on local broadcasting channels like Sportsnet or CBC Sports

Whether you are missing your granddaughter’s first hockey game, your nephew’s lacrosse season opener, or your dad’s soccer game we can help you with the transition to this new normal. Protecting our community, providing for our users, and maintaining COVID-19 protocols are our main concern. 

How do I use the live streaming feature in the app?

  • Click on the flashing “Live” icon in the app.
  • Click the TV icon in the top right corner. 
  • Read the disclaimer and click “Accept.”
  • Press “Continue with Facebook.” 
  • Log-in with Facebook
  • Click “Stream the Event.”
  • Start Streaming. 

To read more on how to use our live streaming feature visit our “Live Video Streaming Setup & Use” help article. 

Visit our website to get your team registered to use the live stream feature or integrate it into your team’s next game.

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