Comparing Team Chat Platforms

Comparing Team Chat Platforms

This blog will compare popular chat platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and TeamSnap that can be used for managing a sports season. Communication via a team chat app is important, especially during times of mandated social distance. Ensuring you are using the best most effective platform is important to a smooth running season. Continue reading for a comparison of and the pros and cons associated with each platform. 


WhatsApp is a free to download team communication app that allows users to send text messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other media.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a stand-alone app used to contact Facebook friends via instant messaging, sharing photos, video, audio recordings, and create group chats. 


TeamSnap is a team management app with built-in communication tools that allows team admins and teammates to contact each other in the app. Teams are charged monthly or annually, and individual team members are also charged to remove intrusive advertising.

TeamLinkt – A Free Alternative to TeamSnap

TeamLinkt is a free team management app that offers team chat options, chat reactions, group chats, direct messaging, photo sharing, live-streaming, polling, health waivers and much more all for no cost. Once a roster is entered into the app each team member can be contacted with ease. Game postponed? Running late? Going to a restaurant after a big win? TeamLinkts communication tools can help share the message instantly. With a mobile and desktop option communications tools can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.


Tips for Positive Parent-Coach Relationships

Tips for Positive Parent-Coach Relationships

Navigating a parent-coach relationship can be vital to a successful season especially as sports slowly return as a result of COVID-19. With restrictions changing rapidly, communication during this time is important in supporting children’s mental and physical well-being as many rely on sports as an outlet for exercise, friendship, and personal development. 

At TeamLinkt we put together some tips for sports parents in contributing to a positive Coach-Parent Partnership that will provide benefit to youth teams at this time. 

1. Recognize the Coaches’ Volunteerism

Coaches make a commitment to your child’s team beyond just games and practices. More often than not they are volunteering their spare time. Respect the time they are donating and their commitment to the team before approaching them with any concerns.

2. A Balance of Positives and Negatives

As a coach, many only hear parent complaints. Be sure to also provide the coach with specific and truthful praise when positive events take place. This encourages them to continue doing things that you believe provide benefit to the youth athletes while acknowledging their efforts.

3. Keep Your Concerns Among Adults

It is important not to share your disapproval of the coach with your child. Many children will not see this perspective and may feel forced to pick a side. If issues present themselves encourage your child to approach their coach on their own. This builds relationships and encourages self-advocacy.

4. Be Encouraging to Your Child

Let your child know you support them regardless of their performance. Competitive sports can be stressful for players and adding additional critiques on top of what the coach has told them can be overwhelming. 

Use TeamLinkt for Positive Communication 

TeamLinkt’s communication tools ensure open communication between coaching staff and parents. Need to organize a private meeting or send an affirmation? Do it via the team chat feature. Children learn when you lead by example and sports are a big part of their overall development. Let TeamLinkt’s free sports app help you with positive communication this season! 


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