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Event Health Waivers

Event Waivers ensure your team has a safe return back to sport by allowing team members to declare their health prior to games.

covid waiver form app

Team Admins

Create, Complete and Track Event Health Waivers in-app.

Ensure the health and safety of your team amid COVID-19 restrictions.

It only takes minutes to setup an event waiver form


Create your Form

Fill in the information you want your team to agree to before each event.


Players Fill in Form

Once your form is created, participants will be required to fill in the form prior to each event. The form is automatically added to each event in your team’s calendar!


Track Completion

As a team admin, you can see each participant that has completed the event health waiver.

Key Features of Event Health Waivers:

covid waiver form app

  • Once setup, health event waivers are automatically added to each event in your team’s calendar
  • Track who’s filled in the form
  • Set-up in minutes
  • Free feature (along with the rest of the app!)
  • Ensure health and safety protocols are being met

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